Tuesday, June 27, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 23 June 2023

Artist: Johanna Samuels
Album: Bystander
Quick Thoughts: Johanna Samuel's latest is a gorgeous folk-adjacent listen, to be sure, but I want to especially note that this gives off immense Aimee Mann vibes in all the best ways. It's an introspective, interesting record with some great songwriting and absolutely memorable moments. Easily my favorite of the week and one I'm looking forward to getting back to.
Songs of Note: "Holy Mothers," "Golden Gate," "Valentine's Day is Stupid"

Artist: The Watson Twins
Album: Holler
Quick Thoughts: Most people (still) only know the Watson Twins from their work with Jenny Lewis on her first solo album, and it's not fair. The two women have put out some consistent roots efforts over the years, and Holler is good enough where I start to wonder why they're not talked about more. Do not skip this one, it's a great listen.
Songs of Note: "Holler," "Sissy Said," "The Palace," "Love You the Best"

Artist: Skating Polly
Album: Chaos County Line
Quick Thoughts: Skating Polly keeps coming out with alt/punk records with a little attitude and a lot going for it, and I always sit back and wonder why I don't listen to them more. If you're a fan of Skating Polly, you know you'll like this already, but for a band that's only been releasing music for a decade, it's great to chart their growth alongside the fact that they still aren't playing to any particular crowd.
Songs of Note: "Hickey King," "Hush Now," "Singalong," "Man Out There," "Send a Priest"

Artist: Lloyd Cole
Album: On Pain
Quick Thoughts: Lloyd Cole has a particular popularity that has never quite grabbed me. It's not a fault of his songwriting or anything like that - it's just not always for me. On Pain, in contrast, definitely feels like it was made for me in a lot of ways. It's a unique listen from a unique voice (literally and figuratively), and it's very likely that if you haven't checked out his flavor of singer-songwriter, this could be the entry point you've sought. Make time for this.
Songs of Note: "On Pain," "Warm By the Fire"

Of note:

* Swans - The Beggar (An interesting record from a band that I haven't been able to get into yet.)
* Sleepy Kitty - Blessing/Curse (A really solid indie rock record.)
* Geese - 3D Country (Fascinatingly compelling.)
* Lunice - OPEN
* De Lux - Love is Hard Work
* Kim Petras - Feed the Beast
* Slow Point - Slow Point
* Caitlin Canty - Quiet Flame
* Cable Ties - All Her Plans
* V/Z - Suono Assente
* Wye Oak - Every Day Like the Last
* Sword II - Spirit World Tour
* Valley - Lost in Translation
* Bobby Lee - Endless Skyways
* Squitch - Tumbledown Mountain
* Clea - Idle Light
* Lastlings - Perfect World
* M. Ward - Supernatural Thing
* Portugal. The Man - Chris Black Changed My Life
* Albert Hammond Jr - Melodies on Hiatus
* Jacob Morris - Slow Funeral
* Big Freedia - Central City
* Maisie Peters - The Good Witch
* Bobbie Nelson and Amanda Shires - Loving You
* Pardoner - Peace Loving People
* Bully Pulpit - Natural Flavors


* Daisy Grenade - Cult Classic
* 8485 - Personal Protocol
* Mise En Scene - Reality Bites
* MEMORY MOTEL - Multiplicity
* CS Cleaners - Drolomon
* Wallice - Mr Big Shot

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Helen Love - Yeah Yeah We're Helen Love
* Tropical Fuck Storm - Goody Goody Gumdrops

Also out:

* A Very Special Episode - Freak Me Out
* Flesh and The Dream - Choose Mortality

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