Tuesday, June 6, 2023

SERLING - "Escape Clause"

In case you didn't pick up where SERLING got their name, their Bandcamp profile describes them as "Twilight Zone inspired mathcore from Maine." Their latest single, "Escape Clause," is much heavier and louder than what we typically bring you here (our name is If It's Too Loud..., after all...), but sometimes even we can't resist the heavy shit. "Escape Clause" seems to defy all normal heavy music tropes. It's a just shy of three minute rager that focuses on screaming vocals and machine gun style percussion. It's almost a sparse song that still pummels the listener. SERLING don't seem to be making music that is meant to all go together. The drums are faster than everything else, and the vocals are in the forefront. I have no idea what else they're using to make sounds here, but it's definitely not used a lot and seems much slower than you'd expect with everything else. Maybe that's why this works for us. It defies your expectations in the loudest way possible.

You can listen to "Escape Clause" below. The song is currently available via Bandcamp. For more on SERLING, check them out on Instagram.



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