Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Dollyrots - "Missing You (I Can't Wait)"

Photo by Jeff Mozey

Pop punk duo The Dollyrots are leaning heavily into the pop side of the genre with their latest single. "Missing You (I Can't Wait)" is more power pop than pop punk, which makes sense considering Stevie Van Zandt co-produced the single. This fits right into his wheelhouse of power pop meets garage rock. It's a fuzzed filled song that is impossibly catchy and just dripping with sweet sounding harmonies. "Missing You (I Can't Wait)" is just a fun pop rock song that has just enough edge to it to keep things interesting, even if the 1960's influences are powering through throughout the entire song.

Singer/bassist Kelly Ogden says of the new song:

"'Missing You (I Can’t Wait)' was unfinished when we brought it into the studio in NYC to record with Stevie Van Zandt. We share a love of 60s pop harmonies, and that sensibility turned the song’s outro into the trippiest vocal layering we’ve ever done. It’s always a treat to collaborate with geniuses."

You can listen to "Missing You (I Can't Wait)" is out now as a single via Wicked Cool Records. For more on The Dollyrots, check out the band's website.

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