Friday, December 13, 2013

Jeff's Best Albums of 2013: #6: Laura Stevenson - Wheel

My #6 album of this year was probably my most anticipated release of the year. Her song "Master of Art" might be an all-time favorite, so Laura Stevenson's Wheel was something I really looked forward to, and it pretty much lived up to my expectations.

If I had an issue with Laura Stevenson's previous efforts, it was that her slower songs felt maybe a little too plodding and quiet. Wheel addresses that by offering a lot of straightforward indie-pop combined with a solid, experienced singer-songwriter mentality that provides a whole mess of memorable songs on this album. The continued rise of Stevenson as a songwriter is really evident across the board, from "Eleanora" to "Runner." Most importantly, the album is really a cohesive unit from start to finish, a feeling I never truly got from her previous albums.

Overall, a truly great effort. Along with the songs above, "Triangle" and "Sink, Swim" are great, great songs to check out. The whole album is streaming below:

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