Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday Freebie: Catisfaction - Kill 'em all

I've been loving Mary Bell, the French feminist punk band named after a British child murderer. Mary Bell's guitarist Victoria is also in another band that just released their first album. Catisfaction has a lot of the edge that makes us love Mary Bell, but they are quite different bands. When I first put on Kill 'em all, the first song made me think of Le Tigre. It makes sense if you're going to compare Mary Bell to Bikini Kill, then Kathleen Hanna's more dance friendly project is an easy comparison for Catisfaction. But the more you listen to Kill 'em all the less you're going to think of Le Tigre. The songs are just too raw and heavy for that comparison. Catisfaction are still punk and edgy, but it's still groovy as hell. If anything this would land on the heavier side and dancier side of post punk.

You can listen to "Beware the witches" below. Kill 'em all is available for the "name your price" option on Bandcamp with physical copies available via Destructure Records. If you do choose to download it for free, be sure to give Catisfaction a follow on Facebook.

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