Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Allegra Krieger - "Taking It In"

Photo by Dallas Starky

When you first start listening to the latest song from Allegra Krieger, you'd be forgiven to think it's going to be fairly standard folky/singer-songwriter fare. Sure, there are little oddball flourishes here and there, but those could be just little quirks speckled throughout "Taking It In." And then the speckles turn into these truly bizarre squalls of noise. These squalls can be pure bursts of noise, what sound like found recordings, or instruments that seem to have just be brought in for a few seconds of the song. "Taking It In" does all this without truly changing the song. It keeps the same pleasant beauty and tempo throughout. It's almost like these sounds are distractions coming from an outside source and not from within the song. Allegra Krieger is going to be an artist you'll want to watch.

You can watch the video for "Taking It In" below. Precious Thing is due out March 4 on Northern Spy Records and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Allegra Krieger, check out the artist's website.

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