Thursday, March 14, 2024

Saigon & Fredro featuring Grand Puba - "Think Twice"

Saigon and Fredro have been working on their tribute to the golden age of hip hop, and they brought in a heavy hitter for their latest single. Grand Puba joins the duo on "Think Twice," and if you love early 90's hip hop, this song will be a true delight. Besides just being a great solo artist, Grand Puba was a member of Brand Nubian, and "Think Twice" has that early 90's alternative hip hop sound. This legitimately sounds like a forgotten song from a hip hop heavy soundtrack from my high school days, so I'm in old school heaven on this track. 

Saigon says of his latest single:

“Growing up, Brand Nubian was one of my favorite groups, and Grand Puba as a solo artist shaped and molded my fashion sense at that time, and he is my favorite artist of all time. Grand Puba has never gotten his due respect.  Before Kanye, it was Puba who made the rugby with the knapsack look cool.  He also always made sure there was some kind of a positive message in his music.  While making this song, I tried to channel Grand Puba Maxwell from Masters Of The Ceremony (his first group), with the Puba from his Reel to Reel album, and I came up with 'Think Twice.' It was a pleasure and honor to work with this legend.” 

You can listen to "Think Twice" below. The Jordan Era is due out May 3 on Payday Records. For more on Saigon, check out the artist on Instagram. Fredro's Instagram can be found here.

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